Thursday, 3 March 2011

Get some manners or go swim somewhere else!!!

This is more of a rant than anything constructive, or anything that will help you be more healthy. But, it is valid all the same!
I really love swimming, you probably guessed that from one of my previous posts, but, I get REALLY annoyed when I am there sometimes and get so stressed that it completely defeats the object of going.
Some people just have no manners and are disgusting. In the space of a week, I saw several disturbing things. A guy spat into one of the vents at the side of the pool, why is there any need to even do that? I have also seen several people take a big gulp of water into their mouth, and then spit it out each stroke they do. WHY??? Just breathe normally! Fish manage it, so why can't you?
What also really annoys me is people swimming the in the wrong direction, or taking up 2 lanes and swimming into other people. It's not complicated, there are even signs to direct you if you didn't pick it up by watching what other people are doing! How do these people manage to even stay afloat when they act like complete idiots!
I also get annoyed with people swimming the wrong speed in the wrong lane. If you are doing 1 length of front crawl in about 10 seconds, and having to overtake little old ladies (or me when I am having a slow/hungover day), then you probably shouldn't be in the slowest lane. Go join the real athletes in the lanes at the other end of the pool!

As if all that isn't bad enough! During half-term I have to share the pool with screaming children. Or as a friend said...screaming children with floats. It's even worse. I guess there is not much I can do about that, they are off school and want to have fun...but do they have to be so noisy about it.
Also, I pay for a monthly pass, to use it unlimited. Sometimes I like to go twice a day, if I am feeling really stressed, but sometimes I can't even get in once a day because some world championship swim-a-thon has taken over the pool.

Well, I feel much better for venting all of that at you! I do love swimming really, it's just all the other swimmers I don't like. I need my own pool.

There will be a recipe up tomorrow

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  1. if i over take someone i always go into the next lane, unless its too busy then I slow myself down...

    I did however go swimming yesterday and the guy in the lane next to me (in all his huffing and puffing) turned out to be mickey from the bill! i was like ha ha ha

    i also had a guy who tried to impress people by going in the deep end and flex his pecs every step he took, only to slip on the last one and fall straight into the pool... I laughed so hard (to make him no people saw him)
    I fully love this blog.